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The ease of welding and sanding makes aluminium the perfect choice of material to create that high end product. Aluminium is light and relatively strong, with very little preparation required for powder-coating.

Purnells fabrications have fabricated products such as handrails, walkway platforms and privacy screens from aluminium. We have the best pulse welders on the market, assisting with quicker turnaround and better production costs while maintaining the highest standard

Structural Steel

As time goes on, homes and structural buildings have been designed with greater architectural complexity and sophistication to both improve safety and aesthetics. With this increase in standards, the search for higher skilled fabricators is also needed to match this new approach. At Purnells fabrications, we don’t just lay welds - our craftsmen work with pride and great finesse to produce a product of both strength and beauty – so good in fact you will want to take a photo of it! Fabricating items such as staircases, structural beams and handrails, there is one thing for certain - our work will stand out and showcase the best of both your needs and our craftsmanship.

Sheet Metal

The art within metal fabrication!
Working with sheet metal requires imagination, skill and respect for tight tolerances. The craftsmen at Purnells fabrications use techniques (trade secrets!) to cut and shape sheetmetal to represent the bespoke creation that is required.

Using high quality equipment, Purnells fabrications are able to lay clean bead welds to compliment the overall product.

Purnells fabrications specalises in items such as large custom switchboards, polished stainless kitchen benches, aluminium powder-coated boxes and perforated sheets.