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Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabrication is an art within metal fabrication!

Thin and flat Metal sheets thicker than 6 mm (0.25 in) are most commonly used for metal fabrication and considered as plate steel or” structural steel” Thicknesses may vary considerably as per work specifications.

Working with sheet metal requires imagination, skill, and respect for tight tolerances. The craftsmen at Purnell’s fabrications use techniques (trade secrets!) to cut and shape sheet metal to represent the bespoke creation that is required.

Purnell’s fabrications specialized in items such as

  • Portable Fire Pit
  • Safety Steps
  • Stainless Switchboard
  • Doors + Panels (stainless)
  • Basins- Stainless Steel 
  • Large custom switchboard
  • Polished stainless benches
  • Aluminum powder-coated boxes and much more

Using high-quality equipment, Purnell’s fabrications can lay clean bead welds to compliment the overall product. With unmatched quality and high customer satisfaction.