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Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Lismore, Ballina & Byron Bay

Sheet metal fabrication is an art within metal fabrication!
Thin and flat Metal sheets are known as sheet metal it is most common forms used for metal fabrication because of its ability to cut and bend into various shapes and sizes as per work specifications.
Working with sheet metal requires imagination, skill and tight tolerances. The craftsmen at Purnells Fabrications use special techniques (trade secrets!) to cut and shape sheet metal to represent the bespoke creation that is required.

We are the individuals with the ability and many years of top notch mastery to plan and fabricate sheet metal items for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We possess a huge scope of creating custom metal sheet items using stirred steel sheets, hardened steel and copper which are intended to suit your specific needs. Our recommended locations for our services are Lismore, Byron Bay and Ballina and neighbourhood.

Purnells Fabrications specialises in:

  • Precise Cut and Fold
  • Sheet metal ventilation work for air conditioning
  • Stainless¬†Steel¬†kitchen seats, outlines and splash backs.
  • Divider racks Stainless Steel
  • Heavy obligation custom tool kits
  • Portable Fire Pit
  • Safety Steps
  • Stainless Steel Doors and Panels
  • Polished stainless benches
  • Stainless Steel Basins
  • Aluminium powder-coated boxes and much more
  • Stainless & large custom Switchboard

Using high-quality equipment, Purnells Fabrications can lay clean bead welds to compliment the overall product. With unmatched quality and high customer satisfaction.

Stainless Doors + Panels Lismore Base Hospital 2

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