What is aluminium fabrication

Aluminium fabrication is a process of manufacturing the metal into different styles and designs as per the requirement of the customer.

Cutting, bending and assembling is the main course of action that is mutually performed

So different tools are used to perform the discrete type of actions:-

  1. Cutting:- As the name describes, traditionally the makers used to have manual hand tools, but these days sort of oxyfuel and plasma torches are taken into account for this very process of cutting the aluminium metal.


  1. Bending:- Just as done in the case of cutting, traditional and modern methods are incorporated. General hammering and press brakes along with tube benders are used.


  1. Assembling:-   The most important phase of all above is assembling of metals and is properly entertained via Adhesives, fasteners and the ultimate process of welding.


Raw aluminium formation:-

It is a hulking and technical job. Basically the raw material is bauxite which is extracted from mines and then it is refined to make Alumina. Now the oxygen atoms are assailed and this way molten Aluminium is formed.  Later on, the molten Aluminium is made to cool down and desired forms of the metal are engineered.


Properties of Aluminium :-

  1. Corrosion Resistant: – Once you have aluminium with you, you can feel of it being Rust-free forever. This is really the magical property of Aluminium.


  1. Lightweight:- Being lighter in weight as compared to steel, iron and other metals,aluminium comes out to be a better choice. Though its light to lift, yet it possesses high grades in term of Strength.


  1. Ductile in nature:- Ductility is another phenomenon that aluminium has. Aluminium is non-magnetic and non-sparking as well.

There are so many other features that aluminium has, it also comes up with some limitations as well.

Aluminium is little hard to weld as compared or other metals, laser cutting also becomes cumbersome in case of aluminium.


USES OF ALUMINIUM :-   Aluminium is a multitasking metal and due to its salient features, it can be used in case of Office tables, kitchen appliances, handrails, fences and gates. Most of the companies are using in vehicles as well. Aluminium is the safest metal being used in manufacturing electronic instruments and equipment. Water bottles, roof sheds, and aluminium trailers are also other variants.

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