What is Balusrade

Balustrade possesses its own history. It is derived from the Italian word balusters.  The balustrade is basically a guard-rail that is embedded along with the stairs to avoid or prevent the falling of the human, most helpful in the case of children and old agers.

Types of Balustrades:-

  1. Glass Balustrade
  2. Steel Balustrade
  3. Aluminium Balustrade
  4. Timber Balustrade

Eventually, all these types of guard railing is made to enhance the look of the Home’s interior and safety is a priority as mentioned already.

Let us have a look at all of them one by one:-

  1. Glass Balustrade:-

Glass balustrades are the ones used for elegance, but keep in mind they are really great In strength as compared to their view. Art lovers are going to find them valuable for sure, mostly glass balustrades are introduced over stairways, balconies, and other safety prone areas. The maintenance can be handy as you need to keep them look new so you have to wipe balustrades regularly.


  1. Steel Balustrade: – To keep the things right on a tight budget, one can surely opt for steel or stainless steel balustrades. This type of balustrade is can also make your stairs design look good, not like the one with glass balustrades but still it can maintain the elegance. The best thing about them is that they are weather-resistant, easy to clean as well. Designing possibilities are much higher in the case of steel balustrades.


  1. Aluminium Balustrades:- Another magical balustrade:- as this is cost beneficiary, easy to maintain and can be used at the interior or exterior of your home. To shine them brighter experts use power coating that helps in keeping the balustrade rust-free and weather resistant.


  1. Timber Balustrade :-  Traditional looks, yes if you are looking out for stair styles which were used in past, want to feel some nostalgia then this is the right choice for sure.  The dark chocolate color coating is going to give mesmerizing experience, keeping the floor in sync.  Timber balustrades are best to go for lazy persons as they do not catch dust much. Feel free to call Purnells Fabrications to get the best deals in South Lismore.

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